Crybaby redux

Dear Feastlings,
The pandemic has, like it undoubtedly has each of you, affected me. I’ve lost sleep, of course; and I’ve been scared, for my business and my coworkers who’ve been brutally stricken by it financially; I’ve been scared and for the people I love who’ve been infected with Covid, and I’ve been angry and resentful at the insensitivity and vitriol we’ve all witnessed every day, be it in the news or in the grocery store. And I’ve been moved by kindness too.
I’ve cried dropping food off at the Diamond Children’s Medical Center, and at Palo Verde Behavioral Health, and at the Primavera Men’s Shelter and at the HOPE animal shelter, too. I got teary on our first delivery to the TMC Covid wards at the beginning of it all, and when guests came out in droves and tipped the staff like nobody’s business the week after restaurants’ dining rooms were shut down. But I went to bring food to the Sister Jose Women’s Center three hours ago, and I’m still feeling waves of emotion at the tremendous kindness of the community in helping the women in Tucson experiencing homelessness- the staff there was remarkable in their dedication and kindness, and the provisions they offer were suffused with hope and kindness and care. I already know I’ll be welling up half a dozen times more today after seeing the Center in action. So thank you, those of you who donated to this delivery, and to those of you who’ve donated to any of the others. I’m crying today in the best possible way, and i have scores of you to thank for it.
I know we’ve already gone with the first hundred and fifty meals today, and that the next hundred and fifty we bring next week are already paid for by your generous donations, but I include this link so you can scroll to the bottom to find out more about the Center because it’s truly a special place.

Our next donation run- Sister José Women’s Center

And then, while you’re here, I include the links that you’ll need if you want to support us and subdue your own hunger and thirst as well. There’s the menu if you’re hungry:


The wine tasting if you have a thirst for both wine and knowledge:

Little by little

And the cocktail specials if you’ve been reading, watching or listening to the news.

Thank you all for everything.


a Crybaby

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