The plan man

Dear Feastlings,
Ah, pandemic living. The restaurant that normally stops seating at nine and still hums along for an hour or more after that is a quiet, empty shell by 8:00. And as such, the order you meant to place for Rosh Hashana is in limbo. I only got one of those emails this morning, though I imagine we’ll get a handful of calls as well- it happens each Thanksgiving, and for Valentine’s Day reservations, and so on. We all mean well, and, especially now, the world gets away from us. So while we take stock and see how many of those after-the-deadline orders we can accommodate, here are a few items for you to consider as you plan, and maybe aim for earlier in the day if you can:
First, there’s today’s plan. If you live one the east side, or northeast, or pick up food at our lone west side hub, today’s the day to call for delivery tomorrow. We’ve been watching our hub deliveries dwindle as people feel more mobile, so this weekend will be a barometer for how often we continue this service (or even if we continue this service. But hubs with half a dozen orders or more will continue to be serviced.) Here’s the scoop on that one:

East to West

The other thing you should plan for is to listen to the radio tomorrow morning. Many of you know I have a personal penchant for public radio, so I join Arizona Public Media periodically to make my case for why people should support it, and I’ll be doing so tomorrow morning between 8 and 10 am. As usual, I’ll be sweetening the deal by offering up a couple of gift certificates to put in a drawing, and anyone who donates during my 8:00 am to 10:00 am stint is in the running to win one.

Tomorrow, you should consider getting your order in for the north and northwest delivery hubs

North by northwest

as well as picking up your samples if you’re joining us for this week’s zoom wine tasting of varietals that come from places you wouldn’t expect.

What’s up with THAT?

Saturday’s plan should include your order for Sunday hub delivery to the south and southeast

Sweet, sweet South

and every day should include some consideration as to whether you want to put any of your charitable donation budget toward nine days’ worth of food for the Primavera Men’s Shelter, where we’re bringing our first chunk of those meals next Wednesday.

Our next donation run is more than one run

Want to know more about the Primavera Foundation? Here you go.

And all that planning will certainly build an appetite, so feel free to grab a little something for yourself from today’s menu as well.

The number to call is 326-9363. This has been a message from your friendly planning committee at Feast. See you soon,


The Committee

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