Trying our hand

Dear Feastlings,
You likely know by now that we’ve been dabbling in baking- there are all sorts of treats to be had, both breads and sweets, and while we’ve done some of it right, well, we never claimed to be perfect. And so while there are some elements of Jewish culture that have permeated our secular society- most people, Jewish or not, seem to know what challah and matzo ball soup are- there are those items that are less familiar to those who grew up taking the Eucharist. So while the rugelach on the menu today are delicious, those of you familiar with rugelach may note that the shape is not what you’re used to. My apologies now to those whose sensibilities are offended by kicking off the new year with a rugelach that looks like, well, frankly, an empanada. Think of it as a cross-cultural experience.
Anyhow, there’s challah to be had today, and rugelach, as well as our regular breads and pastries. Plus there’s still a little gefilte fish terrine to be had, and a couple of apple gallettes, and a few odd bowls of matzo ball soup. You’ll have to ask what we still have when you call (the number is 326-9363.) You can see what’s cookin’ at this link.

You can even still call and add a challah onto your existing order.
Then there’s the upcoming stuff: Tomorrow’s wine tasting marks Kevin’s triumphant return to Tucson and there are still samples to be had, all varietals that people might regard as misplaced: Merlot from the Veneto, for example, or California Tempranillo. You can check it out here:

What’s up with THAT?

You also have the rest of the day today if you want to order food for tomorrow’s delivery to our northern and northwestern hubs:

North by northwest

and you have all day today AND tomorrow to order for our hub delivery run to the south and southeast on Sunday:

Sweet, sweet South

And of course, you can call ANY time to help us donate food to the people who really need a meal at the Primavera Men’s Shelter:

Our next donation run is more than one run

And I leave you with that. Please do order a challah and a rugelach, though, because if you do’nt I’m going to overeat like a cartoon today.



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