East to West

Hello, Feastlings,

No one on the outskirts has gotten a chance to have the September menu delivered to their neck of the woods yet, so on Friday, September 18, we’ll be making a run both to the east and to the west side of town.  We’ll be serving the East and Northeast again (same hubs as usual,) but we’ll also make a run to the West.  Feast’s limited westside following means that on that side of town,  we’ll only be going to the Speedway and Greasewood hub, which is the empty dirt lot on the southeast corner.  The food will all be cold, meant for you to heat up and enjoy at your convenience, so there are some dishes we wouldn’t recommend for that, but anyone who answers the phone here should be able to give you some direction as to which dishes are best to get cold and heat up at your convenience.

Here’s how it will work: You’ll call us between now and the end of the night (7:30 pm) on Thursday the 17th with an order to pick up at one of these hubs, or to be delivered to your home.  While we feel confident we can have all the food to you by 5 or 6 pm on Friday, we have no guess as to how many of you will be ordering, so please regard this as food meant to be enjoyed somewhere down the line, but not at a  specific time on Friday. You’ll give us your order, your phone number, your credit card number, and, if you’re picking up at a hub, and the color, make and model of the vehicle you’ll be arriving in, and the driver will give you your food.  If the food is coming to your home, the driver will call you with an ETA before he or she arrives at your house.

The number to call is 326-9363, and the menu, which will shortly include a selection of specials available on the 21st,  is here.

Here are the hubs and the times we’ll be there:


SunTran Park & Ride lot, 10205 E. Broadway Boulevard, 85748- 3:00 pm

Kirk Bear Canyon Library, 8959 E. Tanque Verde Road, 85749- 4:00 pm


George Mehl Family Foothills Park, 4000 E. River Road (north end of the parking lot,) 85718- 2:00 pm (NOTE THE NEW HUB! We can’t meet at schools on Fridays now that the schools are open.)


Southeast corner of Speedway and Greasewood, empty dirt lot, 85745 – 1:30 pm


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