Oh, that sprawl.

Dear Feastlings,
It’s sprawling, all of it. Be it forest fires up and down the west coast, the reach of the pandemic, or, down here in our tiny little world, the menu. Today’s menu┬áhas not only our regular menu on it, but our specials, including a couple of cryovac dishes meant for you to enjoy at your convenience (you can even freeze them!) and some bakery items, the Rosh Hashana menu (today’s the last day to order from that one)

Rosh Hashana menu

plus today’s specials and the specials we’ll have available for our delivery runs this weekend when we go to the east and west sides on Friday (order by tomorrow,)

East to West

the north and northwest (order by Friday,)

North by northwest

and the south and southeast (order by Saturday.)

Sweet, sweet South

And if that sprawling menu isn’t enough for you, there’s also our Saturday wine tasting of which you can avail yourself

What’s up with THAT?

and our next donation run(s) to the Primavera Men’s Shelter next week:

Our next donation run is more than one run

Happy Impending New Year if you regard it as one this Friday when the sun goes down, and even if you don’t. I think the vast majority of us would like a reason to delineate the recent past as Over and Done With. I know I would.

Your friend,


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