Just thanks, everyone.

Dear Feastlings,
As much as we’re scrambling every day to find new reasons for you to join us while there are all those dining rooms open, and as much work and stress as it is to keep adding spinning plate after spinning plate to our Ed Sullivan Show full of regular menus, special events, wine tastings, baked goods, vacuum-packed meals, deliveries to suburb hubs and front line workers, it does appear to be keeping us in business so far. And for that we thank you. Thanks for making us your grab-n-go lunch and dinner spot, your bottle shop, your wine tasting venue, your weekend afternoon virtual social activity, and for helping us test the waters to see if we’ll be your occasional surrogate bakery. If it works, and I hope it does, it’s been kind of fun to monkey around with bread and sweets this week for a change. If it doesn’t, and I also hope it doesn’t, it’ll save us a lot of extra work. Still, we ultimately need the extra work, and while we appreciate your patience while we get the hang of it, we’re fairly quick learners and we love to cook and bake, so we’ll aim for making it work.
In the meanwhile, we know the wine tastings are working, and there’s no short supply of you joining us this afternoon. If you follow this link, you’ll find the wines, the pricing, the tasting order and the heating instructions. Plus the meeting number and the password, though if you don’t want to go to the trouble and you got all the other info yesterday, the passcode is 266081, and we’ll see you at 3:30. But if you’re missing any other bits of information, here’s that link:

The New Wave of the West Coast

Meanwhile, there’ll be cardamom sweet rolls again, and we baked off more of those tahini chocolate chip cookies and a little baklava. There’s also going to be sage-spiked carrot cake this afternoon, and levain studded with bits of Irish Porter Cheddar. That’ll be after 2 pm. You can find a reasonably updated menu here, and today’s your last crack at the August menu, since we’re closed tomorrow.

We’ll keep you apprised of the new menu, and we’ll keep making your requests at least through Labor Day and likely beyond, since we still haven’t gotten to all of them yet. But meanwhile, get ready for a relaxing afternoon of wine and snacks and jovial camaraderie. See you soon.

Your friend,

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