We don’t live in a vacuum.

Dear Feastlings,
If pandemic living has taught us anything, it’s that nobody lives in a vacuum. Everything is interconnected, and if you’re lucky enough to have yet to experience any ripple effect of Covid-19, let me first congratulate you on your good fortune thus far, and then wish you luck on remaining in that vacuum, which frankly sounds nearly as rough as not living in a vacuum. The rest of you have my good wishes for speedy recoveries for you and yours, be they health-related or financial, or childcare-related or any of the host of other ways we’ve all been affected by the pandemic. We’re doing our best to help people where we can, and keep our jobs in the process, and so far it’s worked, so thank you, those of you who’ve expressly chosen not to live in a vacuum and who are participating in this community or another one elsewhere. We’re lucky you’re on our team.
In the spirit of the discussion of the vacuum, we’re taking it a bit more literal this weekend: A number of you mentioned, in answering my call for opinions on the comfort food issue, a predilection for our vacuum-packed dishes. They keep for quite a spell, so you can have them on hand in the fridge or the freezer for that night where making something from scratch sounds overwhelming, and so we’ve made a bunch of them. This weekend- until we run out, that is- you’ll find vacuum-packed editions of crawfish etouffee, chicken cacciatore, beef bourguinonne and lamb tagine on the menu, so if they sound appealing, give us a buzz and we’ll set something aside for you. The number to call is 326-9363. Anyhow, the menu is here.

And what you’re really after if you opened this email is likely the password to today’s wine tasting, which is 956705. There’s still time to pick up samples if you’d like to join us at 2 this afternoon:

Central European whites

You’re also welcome to call and see if we have one or two of the Last Sunday tastings left and available, but that will only happen if we’ve overprepared, which we won’t know until well into the afternoon today. The cutoff to order and be assured of a set of samples and food pairings was yesterday, but you never know what fate will bring.

The New Wave of the West Coast

Nor do you ever know what pastries or breads fate will bring. You’ll have to look at the menu and see what we’ve come up with. Thanks, everyone.

Your buddies at Feast

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