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Dear Feastlings,
In the midst of trying to be all things to all people, I’m dashing off this email fairly quickly and noting that you’ll be getting more information soon. You’ll find out about this Saturday’s wine tasting, our fledgling pastry program, and upcoming September events, like hospital donations, deliveries to our various suburb/exurb hubs, and whatever else we can cobble together. But it’s my intention to get the emails out a little earlier than 5 pm each day, since when I don’t, I end up eating way too much of the leftover bread we’ve started baking. Today’s levain, when it’s ready at 3 (it’ll still be warm if you’re picking up dinner at 5,) will be studded with mild Spanish chorizo, and we’ll have baguettes today as well. And since the tahini chocolate chip cookies and the dried cherry brownies were popular, we’re baking more of those today as well.
Why won’t any of it be ready until this afternoon? Because it’s also new menu day- it being the first Tuesday of the month, you’ll discover some new dishes (and if you’ve been attending the Last Sunday zoom wine tastings, you’ll be pleased to know there are versions of the gnocchi we served with the Avignonesi tasting, and the sarsaparilla-glazed duck from the New Wave of West Coast Wines tasting on the menu.) There are other dishes as well- a sandwich with house-made boudin blanc, a peanut butter mousse you can assemble into a Napoleon with almond meal tuiles (yes, it’s gluten-free,) and a pear and walnut mini Bundt cake with a brie glaze. Plus other stuff, like sushi-grade ahi tuna. You can see the menu and all its various and sundry details here.

And the rest? The rest will have to wait. We’ve got bread to bake.

The people of Feast

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