Too many irons in the fire

Dear Feastlings,
I’m keeping this brief, as I’m about to head off to the VA Hospital with 300 meals that you- and we- have donated to the front line workers over there. Even though the meals are for the nights and weekends crowd, it is, after all, a hospital, which is a 24-hour-a-day affair, so there will be a few people around who’ll take lunch rather than a midnight snack, but ultimately, some hungry, hard-working people who are taking care of our vets will be fed today, tonight and tomorrow. The donations are covered, so if you called or sent a check, thanks from all of us: the veterans being treated there, the hospital workers, and of course the crew at Feast.
The pastry experiment continues today with more of the same- those chocolate and dried cherry brownies, the baklava, the salted tahini chocolate ship cookies, and the levain we’ll be baking this afternoon: garlic-walnut-cured-olive sourdhough. Lots of adjectives and ingredients for one loaf, I know, but such is the nature of experimentation. Plus is sounds tasty to me and if we don’t sell them all, I want one.
There’s still time to order your wine tasting for tomorrow

Central European whites

or to order your slightly fancier wine tasting for Sunday, complete with food pairings

The New Wave of the West Coast

and I’m fully aware that I aimed to get you a list of the food pairings, but I’ve got to get to the hospital, so I’ll post the dishes and heating instructions when i get back. Again, too many irons in the fire. But here’s a sneak preview: seared honeyed goat cheese with a ribbon of oyster-sauce-rubbed honeydew melon; blistered cherries with house-made ricotta cheese, smoked salmon and extra virgin olive oil; sarsaparilla-glazed duck breast (if it shows up in time)with marrow and brioche; and mascarpone whipped with Taleggio cheese and cocoa powder with beef carpaccio. So i haven’t entirely let you down. I hope.

The lunch and dinner menu, of course, is here,¬†and you’ve got a couple more days before it changes, so if you want that salmon, or the bouillabaisse, the balck and bleu sandwich or the dark chocolate espresso tart, for example, you’ve got three days left. And only this afternoon to order for the Sunday tasting, as we have food prepping to figure out. We hope you’ll join us for any or all of it.

Your blacksmith,

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