Dear Feastlings,
Every day, I being with the best of intentions- I’m going to get the email written and sent out early; I’m going to be proactive rather than reactive; I’m going to have next week’s stuff done by the end of this week. And by and large, I’m getting it done, but running a restaurant in the best of times means being blindsided by equipment malfunctions, orders mispicked, dishwashers not showing up, and spending unforeseen hours sitting on hold, or replying delicately to an unforgiving guest.
Yesterday, the produce order never showed up. the truck never came down from Phoenix, and the Tucson sales rep was laid off months ago, so we had no idea it was coming until the dinner hour was upon us. Today- fingers crossed- the wine order with the wines for this Sunday will arrive, and i can finish writing the accompanying menu for Sunday’s tasting and get it posted so that you holdouts who are deciding whether you’ll attend based on the food pairings can check it out tonight, or early tomorrow, and still get your order placed by tomorrow at five, when we cut it off so that we know how much food to prepare, assuming our produce truck shows up on Saturday. Want to know about the tasting? Here’s a link, and the food pairings and heating instructions will be posted there by this evening, along with the tasting order and price sheet, and the password for the tasting:

The New Wave of the West Coast

Likewise, you’ll find a password for tomorrow’s tasting on the page for, well, tomorrow’s tasting:

Central European whites

There’s also still time for you to order a little something from the August menu before it changes on Tuesday, or donate a little something, be it a cookie or an entire meal, to tomorrow’s donation run to the night and weekend front line workers at the VA Hospital:

Our next hospital donation run- nights and weekends

And there’ll be more to come, especially if I get good and grounded today, take a few deep breaths and finish the September menu and the Sunday wine tasting and there aren’t too many surprises today. Hope to see you this weekend.

Your friend,


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