It’s my Monday, but I’m already planning for the weekend…

Dearest Feastlings,
Tuesday is my Monday. Not that I don’t usually manage to swing by Feast for an hour or two when we’re closed, but today’s the day that whatever messages are left for us on everyone else’s Monday get addressed, and everyone we left messages for on the Normal Person’s Weekend leaves us a response. We play a lot of phone tag here.
But Monday or not, I’m focused on the weekend, partly because that’s when our upcoming wine tastings will take place, and partly because something you wanted will dovetail with what we’re already doing.
First, the wine tastings: Saturday finds us tasting crisp, clean Central European whites that will help mitigate the heavy-lidded lethargy we all have when there’s nearly a monsoon. These wines are perfect for slicing through that thick, hot monsoon season air and the lassitude that accompanies it. Here’s the scoop on that event, which happens via zoom this Saturday at 2:00 pm:

Central European whites

And now that we’re back at the Sunday tastings as well, you can dedicate a whole weekend to finding new and exciting wines. On Sunday at 3:30 pm, you can tune in with double-sized sample pours at the ready, perfect for tasting both without and then with the food pairings that will come alongside them. Here’s more information about that one:

The New Wave of the West Coast

The other thing we’ve got going on this weekend is vacuum-packed goodness. It turns out there’s a confluence afoot- we’re sending a delivery run of front line hospital worker donations to the VA Hospital on Friday

Our next hospital donation run- nights and weekends

and last week, when I asked for your feedback about comfort food (which, sadly, displayed a Divided Tucson, though happily with markedly less vitriol than the Divided America we’re currently experiencing,) something that I heard back from many of you was strong support for the convenience, shelf-life and freezability of meals packed in cryovac. So since we’re offering four options in cryovac for the hospital crew, we thought we’d prep heavily and make some extra vacuum-packed pouches of those meals at the same time. So this weekend, you can expect the dishes listed at the above link to be available for pickup and delivery to you as well, even if you don’t work nights or weekends at the VA Hospital.
Meanwhile, this is the last week of the August menu, so you may want to get one last taste of some of the dishes that will be coming off the menu come Tuesday next: Bye bye, bouillabaisse; sayonara, salmon, and more alliterative departures that I have yet to think of. Here’s the regular menu,¬†and here’s the number to call when you’re feeling peckish: 326-9363.
Thank you, meanwhile, all of you, for the donations to the front line worker food runs, for the dining you’ve been doing with us, whether pickup, delivery or virtual, and thank you for all your notes of support, your feedback and suggestions, and the links you’ve sent to various aid programs and articles. And since a handful of you suggested it, in spite of the fact that I’m not generally one who’s comfortable in limelight of any sort, I’m including a link to this article to read, delete, or forward to someone who might want to help out. The fact is, while we’re certainly working at it, I have all of you to thank, and the crew here has all of you to thank, and the 3300-plus front line workers we’ll have fed by the end of this week have all of you to thank for your tremendous, generous support. Thank you for your donations, which have been keeping us at Feast employed and keeping front line workers fed all at once. We couldn’t be more grateful for this sweet, kind, generous little community within this sweet, kind generous big community.

Thank you everyone.

All of us at Feast

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