Yeah, well…

Dear Feastlings,
As has become the norm, here’s a quick little email that’s coming after you’ve already figured out what you’re doing for dinner, but I still thought I’d send it, partly because someone out there has to be as disorganized as I am, and partly because we’re still experimenting with the bread thing here. So we have a few two-pound loaves of levain (that’s a sourdough that’s made only with the indigenous yeast of our kitchen- no added store-bought stuff. This one has both whole wheat and white flour in it.) Beyond that, there’s not much yet do discuss. I don’t have Saturday’s wine tasting posted yet (Central European whites- coming soon) nor do I have the Last Sunday tasting posted yet (the New Wave of West Coast winemaking, which will be double-pours plus food pairings- that will be posted soon, too.) So no links here for those, but know that they’re coming.
Yes, there’s still time if you want to donate a meal to a front line health care worker, which this week will be someone who works nights or weekends at the VA Hospital:

Our next hospital donation run- nights and weekends

And yes, there’s still time to order food for later (or sooner) today.

And there’s always time to swing by the shop and pick up some beer, wine or spirits depending on your personal preference and your anxiety level. There are bottles, and there are cocktails to be had as well.

Come visit. We like seeing you.

Your friends at Feast

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