The foolish things I’ve done

Dear Feastlings,
Let me begin by thanking all of you who wrote back yesterday with ideas, favorites frank evaluations and votes for and against comfort food. Asking for 4500 opinions was not one of the brightest moves I’ve made. I’d put it up there with opening a restaurant, but with briefer repercussions. The upshot of it was this: a lot of you want to see comfort food on the menu. A lot of you want specifically not to see a lot of comfort food on the menu. And a lot of you apparently love crawfish etouffee. A vast number of other ideas were expressed, and I’ll leave it at that. Please know that I’m taking it all under advisement, that I appreciate that you took the time, and that it feels good to be reminded you’re all out there, and you care, which I’d guess for each of us doesn’t always feel like the case. Some of your emails were nearly as meandering and chatty as mine are.
I’m trying, hard, to remind myself every day that each and every one of us is dealing with some aspect of this huge challenge to our normal existence, whether I see it or not, and I need to react accordingly. So here’s a reminder: I’m with you. And thanks to those of you who’ve indicated that you’re with me, and with the whole crew here at Feast.
Meanwhile, as we inch through the week and into the weekend, I find myself with fewer things to tell you about, at least until I come up with another bunch of events to consider. For now, I’ll tell you that the password to today’s zoom wine tasting is 268540. The info for the whole tasting, including the meeting number a listing of the wines, the tasting order and the pricing, can all be found here:

The cradle of civilization

You also have the rest of today to consider your dining choices and order for our delivery run to various southern and southeastern suburbs of Tucson:

Southern hospitality

Plus there’s today’s menu, a note about food we’re delivering to the evening and weekend staff at the VA Hospital,

Our next hospital donation run- nights and weekends

a reminder that Aly is making some serious double-down versions of classic cocktails, and some love from everyone over here in what we hope is the early part of the end of all this intensity, boredom, fear and pain. Thanks, everyone.


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