Is it just me, or is it just all of us?

Dear Feastlings,
I can’t imagine that there’s one person among us by now who’s content with the current state of affairs with the world at large, but I, probably like the rest of you, have been imagining that it’s only me whose New Normal includes an even more constant stream of interruptions, emergencies, changes of plans and other stressors. All day long. Every day.
And then I realize that there’s no earthly way that that could be true. It has to be happening to all of us. So I’m beseeching you now: if you’re content with your work-from-home situation, or if the pandemic just hasn’t affected you all that much- if you aren’t worried about job security, or relying on deliveries that are being bogged down or low inventories, and if you aren’t being battered by deadlines and last-minute changes and being alternately short-handed and then sending people home because there isn’t enough work- please don’t tell me. I need to imagine we’re all in this together. Please let me know that everything is okay instead not by saying you’re fine with the sheltering in and your income and sanity haven’t been affected, but by calling up and ordering yourself a little treat- a bottle of wine, maybe, or dinner. Or send a little love to a hardworking complete stranger on the next front line hospital worker donation run. Or- and the clock is ticking on this one- order something from Saturday’s Ferragosto menu, though you only have until tonight at 7:30 to get your order in:

Ferragosto specials

There’s also a wine tasting this Saturday and time to order that as well:

Old places, new faces

and, of course, just the regular dinner menu.

The number to call is 326-9363.

And if I was right about the rest of you being just as overwhelmed as I am, please know, every single one of you, that right now, I’m taking a deep breath, imagining each and every one of you, closing my eyes and sending you the intense sympathy that only someone else who’s taken a similar drubbing can muster, and I’m hitting the “send” button. I love you all, and I’m sorry you’re going through this.

Your Covid Cohort,

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