Bastille Day specials

Bonjour, mes Feastettes.

We loved celebrating Independence Day by putting our feet up, but we also love celebrating Bastille Day by offering our take on all sorts of French dishes, classic and otherwise.  These dishes will be available on the 14th, though not before.  But you can order ahead, up through Saturday the 11th, when we stop taking orders at 7:30 pm.

Download our list of French wines for Bastille Day [pdf 129kb]

Pissaladière~ tart of caramelized onions, anchovies and olives.

Duck liver flan with caramel vinegar sauce.

Steak and frites~ Grilled onglet steak with pommes frites and sauce Béarnaise.

Bouillabaisse~ classic tomato-saffron soup with mussels, shrimp, scallops, half a Maine lobster and sea bass.  Garnished with toast points and rouille.  ◊  (Yes, we know it’s already on the menu.  But that just means if you like it, you can get it again, even when it’s no longer Bastille Day.)

Paris Brest~ Choux pastry ring topped with hazelnut praline and filled with pistachio praline cream.

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