Why our menu is so long

Dear Feastlings,

I haven’t eaten at a chain restaurant in years. Sure, once or twice in an airport, but those are abbreviated menus, not the tomes that you find at a Pita Jungle or a Cheesecake Factory that look like parodies of chain menus. But as I was starting in on my daily- sometimes twice-daily- edit of the menu, I felt like we were on the descent toward ridiculousness. Today’s menu, for example, offers up our whole menu, plus the dishes we’re offering for our next delivery run (this Sunday, to the South and Southeast.

That’s the portion of the menu that replaced our North/Northeast delivery run, which went out today, but it’s still the tip of the iceberg. We’ve also got a list of the dishes we’re offering for our next hospital run to feed frontline workers in healthcare. Our next one is Wednesday, May 6, to El Rio. Here are those details.

We’ve also got some specials in the works for Cinco de Mayo, since we know how desperate everyone is for A) something to do, anything at all; and B) some reason to celebrate, any reason at all. So we know we’re not a raucous bar, but we do have beer and Margaritas, and, most importantly to me, ceviche. Plus some other stuff.

We’ve also got wine for tomorrow night’s #digitalwineresearch, and samples for our own tasting (we still have a limited number of jars, so if you can bring any back, we’ve got people waiting for their tastes! Thanks for bringing them back as soon as you can!)

And of course, there’ll be the menu change on Tuesday. How and why we’ve undertaken so much, I lie awake wondering, and I thank you for what patience you’ve still got to offer us. And for those of you who’ve made it all the way to the bottom of this email, I offer you my favorite ode to the chain restaurant. Thanks, all of you, for reading my emails, for helping our health care workers, for being kind and generous to the crew here, and for putting up with my ups and downs. I promise to take it down a notch, eventually.



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