A few special treats for Cinco de Mayo

Hola, Feastitos.

For the past 19 Cincos de Mayo, we’ve pretty much done nothing special.  Many of you are well aware already that May 5 isn’t Mexican Independence Day; it’s a celebration of the Mexican army teaching the French what’s what at the Battle of Puebla, and while it’s been celebrated in the US since 1863, a year after the battle,  it didn’t hurt to have the liquor industry eventually jump on the celebration bandwagon and turn it into the second biggest beer sales day after the Super Bowl.  With the bars all closed, we thought we’d give those of you who normally celebrate Cinco de Mayo out on the town at least a little chance to give your nod to Zaragoza and Mexican culture.

We’re chilling down all our Negra Modelo, and since ultimately it’s a Mexican-American holiday nearly as much as it’s a Mexican holiday, our Barrio Blonde and Barrio Rojo.  We’ll also be slinging Real Woman Margaritas all day.  The beers are 2 bucks a pop and the Margaritas that we stand proudly behind, since they’re made with fresh everything (sorry, Rose’s Lime, you can be served at other restaurants,) are $9.50.

But while drinks are nice, we also know they can be had at home with not too much in the way of elbow grease, so our focus will be food.  Here are a few dishes we’ll be offering on Tuesday:

Housemade salsa, half a pint, with tortilla chips.  ◊

Chicken mole~ chicken leg and thigh, on the bone, in chili-chocolate sauce.  Served with calabacitas (summer squashes, corn, poblano chilies and tomatoes in cream with queso fresco) and Spanish rice.

Just the calabacitas.  ◊

Ceviche of shrimp, scallops, octopus and halibut, half a pint, with tortilla chips. ◊

Flan.  You know.  Flan. ◊

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