Who you’re helping, and who they’re helping.

Hey there, Feastlings.

The health care workers we’re feeding this week work at two of the eight El Rio Health Clinics that remain open in Tucson.  And while we’re grateful for ALL of our healthcare workers, we’re particularly grateful for those who’ve chosen to work at this nonprofit, which has dedicated itself to serving less insured and uninsured members of the community who can’t necessarily afford to go to the for-profit hospitals.  Here’s a snapshot of some of them:

We’ll be making a run on Wednesday, May 6, to two of the clinics who have yet to receive any outside recognition in the way of comforting food- the Cherrybell site, with 160 staff, and El Pueblo, with another 70 mouths to feed.  If we can get donations to cover those two sites, Feast will donate an additional 70 meals to another site (or two!)

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