Two sipalongs and the madcap running of a semi-open restaurant

Dear Feastlings,
Evidently there’s a number of you who’ll be joining Kent and Todd this evening for their #digitalwineresearch and we couldn’t be happier- we still have a few bottles left of each wine, and reinforcements on the way this afternoon, plus we’ve made a dish we feel will go swimmingly with both wines- a penne pasta with gingered duck confit, oyster mushrooms, arugula and radicchio in a Sherried chicken reduction. The food and wine both are available to receive delivered or pick up curbside before 6 pm, when the event begins. Then we do it ourselves tomorrow- Kevin conducts his usual Saturday tasting via zoom meeting, and we’ll be sending out a meeting ID and password for that between now and then, and posting it in the tasting description on our website as well. Here again is a link for each event:



As to Feast, we’re still holding down the fort and everyone has been a trooper, from the staff who are staying home to allow their more check-to-check cohorts to continue earning a living, to the guests who’ve been extremely patient and kind about our learning curve (yes, we’ve made more than a mistake or two, forgetting to pack a salad here or there, putting the wrong dish on someone’s order, taking longer than we’d hoped, and so on. You’ve all been remarkable, and I’m talking to those of you who work here, those who eat here, and those who provide us with the ingredients, beverage, linens, takeout boxes, and everything else we use to run a business that’s changing hour by hour.
Here’s a reminder that you can start ordering tomorrow if you want to order anything we offer- food, wine, beer or spirits- as a part of our Northwest run on Sunday. We’ll be taking orders all day on Saturday and until 3 pm on Sunday for food and drink, and if it goes well, we’ll create a regular run up in that direction- Oro Valley, Saddlebrooke, and other northwest neighborhoods in between. Likewise, if it’s successful, we’ll try delivery runs to other parts of town as well- the northeast, Vail, Sahuarita, and we’ll even try one to Green Valley if we see enough interest. Here’s link for that information as well.

Meanwhile, thanks for understanding that we’re doing our best to update the menu in real time- most of the menu items are pretty predictably available, but the specials are made in more limited batches as we try to utilize what we have on hand and as our purveyors cut deliveries down and limit our access to certain ingredients.
We appreciate you now more than ever, and we already thought you were pretty great.
the people who work at Feast

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