The glass you’re not having here

UPDATE: The code for the webinar/tasting is 872062412


Dear Feastlings,

We’re ready to give Kevin’s weekly wine tasting a shot.  Look here for more information on a zoom meeting at 2:00 pm on Saturday, March 28.  Luddites that we are, we’re hurriedly learning how to set this all up, but meanwhile, you can download the zoom app and set up an account so you’re ready to go on Saturday.
This Saturday’s tasting features a selection of reds that we were going to be pouring by the glass, and that you were likely to be enjoying with dinner when you came in and sat down as if the world were a normal place.  You can create an artificial normalcy by picking up or having us deliver one, some or all of these wines, getting fewer than ten friends together, seating yourselves six feet apart, washing your hands and participating in Kevin’s tasting from command central here at Feast.  Give us a call if you want any of these wines at 326-9363.
The glass you’re not having here
2018 LIOCO “Indica” Carignane/Valdiguie Mendocino County, $20.00
2018 Robert Biale Vineyards “Partyline” Zinfandel, North Coast  $27.00
2017 Lawerence Dinocheau “Les Côts” Côt (Malbec) Touraine  $21.00
2016 L.A. Cetto, Private Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, Valle de Guadalupe, Baja Mexico $23.00

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