To our more distant social distancers

Dear Far-flung Feastlings,

This Sunday, March 29, we’ll try a dry run of a program that we hope works for you.  A number of our Northwest guests have emailed from Oro Valley and mentioned that they’d love to get some food from us but they’re simply too far away.  So here’s our plan.  If it works, we’ll do it on a regular basis for as long as this kookiness continues.

This week, we’ll be taking Oro Valley orders all day Saturday the 28th and again on Sunday the 29th from 11 am to 3 pm for food to go up in your direction at 5:00 on Sunday.  We have insulated bags if you want hot food, but we also offer most dishes cold for you to heat up later, and vacuum packed for you to heat up days later, or even to freeze and hang onto for weeks.  We’re ill-equipped with a much leaner-than-usual crew to deal with pre-orders unless you need like 20 servings of something, so we’ll only take your orders the day of the delivery.  By combining a cluster of orders, we can still deliver for the same charge as someone in the ten-mile radius- $10.  That shouldn’t sting too much, especially if you’re getting a few cryovac meals for the future as well.  If this goes over, we’ll set up more days for OV delivery and we’ll also welcome feedback from those of you in the northeast, or Vail, or Sahuarita, or wherever else we could drive.  We’d even deliver to Green Valley if we can reach critical mass, so tell your friends and neighbors and we’ll work out a rotating delivery day for our more distant supporters.  Let us know if you’re interested in delivery to your part of town.

So again, the situation for now: If you’re in Oro Valley or similarly northwest, we’ll be making a run up there this Sunday, March 29, somewhere around 5 pm, which means you’ll get your order somewhere in the neighborhood of 6 to 7pm.

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