Doubling down

Good day to you all, Feastlings.
It may seem like overkill this weekend- an Italian wine tasting on Saturday, and a Sunday tasting featuring Italian beach wines- but the fact of the matter is this: Ferragosto is nearly upon us, and you know how we do. We get ready for our holiday hooplah by celebrating the wines for weeks before. You saw us offer up French wines for a couple of weeks before Bastille Day, so why wouldn’t we showcase what Italy has to offer for a few weeks before Ferragosto? Just like we did with French food and wine for Bastille Day, we’ll be serving up a menu of Italian specialties on August 15, and just like we did for Bastille Day with French wines, we’ll be offering every Italian wine on our list at retail pricing rather than our customary outrageous pricing of retail plus twelve dollars. That’s not until August 15th, though. We don’t even have the menu posted yet (or written, if you must know.) But that doesn’t mean we’re not rubbing our hands together and plotting and preparing. We’re letting you in on the plotting and preparing, though, inasmuch as this weekend, there are two back-to-back wine tastings, one from our friend Kevin on Saturday the 27th at 2:00 pm.

and one from our friend Dario on Sunday the 28th at 3:30 pm.

and there’ll be a menu soon enough for Ferragosto. Keep watching. We promise it’s coming. In the meanwhile, you can practice at our wine tastings, and you can load up, starting today, on gnocchi with fennel, sausage and spinach in Parmesan cream. It’s only one of the dishes on this week’s new menu of your requests. You’ll also find some seasonally appropriate stuff (yellowtail crudo) and seasonally inappropriate stuff (that duck terrine we always serve on the Christmas carryout menu.) There are sea scallops, too, and a dish that one of you wanted that we haven’t served, but thought Poire Belle Helene sounded so good we’d go ahead and make it. In fact, I just had a spoonful of the vanilla ice cream we made to serve with it, and I have to say: there’s decidedly nothing wrong with vanilla ice cream. Anyway, here’s that menu.

We look forward to seeing you this week.


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