Dear Feastlings,

With Bastille Day behind us along with two French wine tastings in a row, we thought it fitting to give France a breather and give Italy a tug on the shirtsleeve.  This week, Kevin celebrates his triumphant return with four wines from Italy.  And while Ferragosto has nearly a month to arrive, why wouldn’t you want some of the Italian stuff to wet your whistle in the meantime?  As usual, it’s $12.50 plus tax and tip to join us, and you’ll need the customary reservation.  Please call us at 326-9363, as web and email reservations are ineffectual in holding you a seat.  See you this Saturday, July 20, at 2:00 pm.


NV Ruggeri “Argeo” Prosecco, Valdobbiadene

2017 Curatoto Arini “Paccamora Cataratto IGT, Terre Siciliane

2017 Lenotti Bardolino Classico DOC

2013 Carlin de Paolo “Cvrsvs Vitae” Barbera d’Asti

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