Cotton’s high; Energy’s high

Dear Feastlings,
Now that we’re knee-deep in summer, it’s time for some of your more summertimey requests. We’ve been waiting for the high sign from our friends at High Energy Agriculture up in Marana, and their summer squashes are finally ripe for the picking, both figuratively and literally. That’s why we’ve held off on bringing back the one of the dishes that more than one of you has requested: Sea bass beaked en papillote with local summer squashes and tomatoes. There are other summer dishes to be had, mind you: South Carolina-style baby back ribs, seafood shots and buttermilk-cardamom banana cream pie. And for those of you who find that to be too much summer all at once, there’s a little bit of comfort food in the seared gnocchi salad. The details of the menu can be found here.


And as long as we have your attention, here’s a quick note about this Saturday’s wine tasting, a little geographic bump from the French tastings of the past two Saturdays: an Italian tasting to celebrate Kevin’s return to Saturday tastings.

Stop in when the rain lets up, assuming we get some rain. Thanks, friends.

Your pals at Feast

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