A few special dishes for Easter

We’ll be offering our regular brunch menu on Easter Sunday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm, and then we’ll be offering our regular lunch/dinner menu.  But in addition, we’ll have some special dishes for you on Easter.  These dishes will be offered alongside both the brunch and the dinner menus.  See what you think.

A few special dishes for Easter


Easter Tart filled with house-made ricotta and spring vegetables.  Served with mixed greens.

Seared sea scallops on toasted brioche with red pepper pesto, Raclette aioli and sautéed arugula.

House-cured Heluka pork ham over Romanesco cauliflower, beets, sweet peppers and soft-boiled egg.  Served with apricot aioli and dauphine potatoes.

Braised lamb shank crusted with  anise and mustard seeds. Served with minted English peas three ways and fennel scalloped potatoes.

White Chocolate Easter Cake with fresh strawberries and pistachio buttercream.




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