Mmmm, Mmmm- Make mine a Malbec.

Hey there, Feastlings.

A few decades ago, and for long before that, you could count on most of the Malbec you saw hereabouts coming pretty much from Cahors, unless it was blended into Bordeaux and Bordeaux-blends.  It was a fairly intense beast, needing to be laid down for another significant chunk of time before you could come near it without gloves and safety goggles.  It was inky and intense, and loaded with tannins that promised future structure.  A bunch of clever Argentines discovered that the varietal grew really well there, and started making a more accessible, and the kind of Malbec we’ve become familiar with- still inky and intense but now softer-finishing, a little rounder and more fruit-driven- started showing up elsewhere, even as far away as, well, Cahors.  This Saturday, you can taste four modern-style Malbecs to determine your own favorite terroir and style.  The tasting starts at 2:00 pm on the 12th, and costs a mere $12.50 plus tax and tip.  Yes, you’ll need a reservation, and no, you can’t make one electronically, so give us a call at 326-9363 and we’ll get you on the guest list.


Mmmm, Mmmm- Make mine a Malbec.


2017 Châtau du Caillau Cahors AOC

2016 Altos las Hormigas “Terroir” Malbec, Uco Valley

2016 Loscano “Grand Reserve” Malbec, Uco Valley

2015 Deep Sky “Big Bang” Malbec, Cochise County

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