Just before you call it a day.

Dear Feastlings,

Nothing gets it done like panic. I’d be hard pressed to guess how many times a week a guest says to me, “do you lie awake at night dreaming up these weird food combinations?” My answer rarely varies: “No, I lie awake at night wondering how we’re going to make payroll. The impetus for the menu is invariably panic.”

Today is no different. Here was are, four days and change from the first Tuesday of the month, and I’m still just shy of finishing up the Feburary menu. Some of blame can be laid at the feet of our purveyors, as I’ve been waiting to hear back on the availability of certain ingredients: langoustine tails? Nope. Fresh garbanzo beans? No guarantees. English peas? Lovage? More uncertainty.

Nonetheless, I’ve got the menu written but for a couple of sauces and some recipe experimentation, and the Saturday tasting has been resolved despite its having been lost in The Cloud somewhere for a few days (don’t fret, it’s here now:)

Le ventre

And we’ve got the Valentine’s Day menu posted as well, though there’s more to be added once we get the February regular menu selections added to the menu as well:

Valentine’s Day at Feast

More importantly, though, I’ve got it at least wrapped up enough to drop into your email box before the end of most people’s work days on Thursday, so you still have time to call and join the Saturday wine tasting, the Valentine’s Day Prix Fixe dinner, or whatever else your heart desires.

We’ll be happy as larks to see you.



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