Dear Feastlings,

Yes, we’re still short-handed, but we’re finally at a point at which the staff, old and new alike, show up to work on a far more regular basis than they had before. Gone are the days we’d have someone simply not show up for two days and when they came back to work, we’d say, “Hey, please stop doing that. Eventually you’ll get a written warning.” We may not be where we were before this whole Covid business started, but there’s a little less desperation in the air, and it feels pretty good.

Mind you, there are still odds and ends- we still wait longer than we used to for ingredients to show up (and wines- we’re doing a wine dinner with Tablas Creek on the 29th of February, but I can’t finish the menu until I’ve tasted the wines, and they have yet to arrive in Arizona) and when machinery breaks down, there’s a wait for parts. That said, most of our breakdowns have been minor ones, mercifully, and most of our ingredients have arrived. Except lovage. We won’t get that until tomorrow.

The good news is this: when we have a reliable staff, we can get a bit done. the new menu, for example, began on time today (except for the lovage, but again, that will be here tomorrow.)


This week’s wine tasting is all figured out as well.


We’ve also got the menu posted for Valentine’s Day and have nearly filled up, so if you’re on the fence, you should get off it soon and call for a reservation, or to get on the wait list.

Valentine’s Day at Feast

And for events where all the products are within easy reach, we’ve already gotten ahead of the game, so while we have yet to tell you what’s on the menu for the Tablas Creek dinner, we can leapfrog it, as it were, to tell you what’s on the menu for the Callaghan Vineyards dinner, one iteration of which will take place here at Feast on March 19th, and one which will happen at the Winery down in Sonoita on the 30th.

Callaghan wine dinner with Kent and Lisa Callaghan

So there’s plenty to investigate here, and with any luck, the machines will be operating, the staff will be here to operate them, the food and wine will arrive just in time to offer you a lovely experience, and we’ll all go home happy afterward. See you soon, everyone.



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