Short, sweet. Or succinct, anyway.

Dear Feastlings,

Having been out of the restaurant for a couple of days, and having been inundated since my return this morning, I have very little time to get this notice out, but I thought I should get it out regardless.

So here it is, relatively unembellished:

There’s a wine tasting on Saturday that you’re all invited to, though there’s not room for all of you, so reservations are encouraged:

The Bordeaux Diaspora

and there’s a benefit dinner for the Rogue Theatre immediately following its matinee performance this Sunday. You’re invited to that as well, though you’ll need to reserve it through the Rogue’s website rather than through us- you’ll find a link on this page with the menu on it:

Mrs. Ogmore-Pritchard’s Feast

And with that, I hasten back to other tasks: the end-of-the-month tasting on the 27th, the February menu, and Valentine’s Day specials, plus an assortment of HR chores and other administrative tasks.

Sending you all thanks and affection, and ducking back to work.


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