Look at that- an email before Thursday.

Dear Feastlings,

You know how a task expands to occupy the time you allow for it? It would appear that the same goes for problem-solving. Yesterday was great, and we’re off to a good start today as well. Everyone scheduled has shown up for work today, a pleasant new twist after the past few weeks of winter colds, chipped teeth, brown bottle flu and sundry other reasons, both real and invented, for a surprise absence.

I hit the ground running, therefore, ready to accomplish great things, and nearly immediately fell on my face. Today has been dedicated to interviews, checkbook balancing, and an hour and a half sorting out a mistake by the Arizona Department of Revenue, whose hold music is alternately sense-dulling and maddening. Give them a call- you’ll see. That said, I do appreciate the help I eventually got, and I promised Samantha, who helped me on the phone, that I’d write her a poem extolling her virtues. The poem will also have a dark moment that denotes the hold music.

Anyhow, the upshot is that I did manage to get a couple of things done yesterday, like the wine dinner with Christian Tombacco next Wednesday,

IWK wine dinner with Christian Tombacco

and this Saturday’s wine tasting.


and I’ve finally gotten confirmation that we’ll be getting the herring and seaweed and parsnip gin and assorted other ingredients we need to make the benefit dinner for the Rogue Theatre on Sunday, January 21st, which I’ll post soon, and presumably so will they.  I just have a number of things yet to accomplish.

After today’s note, I’ll get back to work on the end-of-the-month tasting we’ll be doing on January 27th, and the February menu, as well as the Valentine’s Day menu, the February Tablas Creek dinner, the two Callaghan dinners in March (one here and one at the winery,) and the benefit dinner we’re putting together with Flowers and Bullets to help build awareness and funding for the Midtown Farm.

There’s more besides that, but I reckon we’ll have to tackle it all piecemeal and you’ll continue to get the emails in dribs and drabs. For now, though, I’d love to figure out how many of you will be joining us for the wine dinner next Wednesday, so do give us a call so we know how much food to prepare.


Your friend,


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