Everybody and their mother

Dear Feastlings,

While my own mother has long resigned herself to celebrating Mother’s Day on a day that isn’t Mother’s Day per se- such is the price one pays when both her progeny are in the food and hospitality industry- I’m aware that there’s a whole coterie of moms who’d like to be taken out for Mother’s Day, and despite the fact that we find ourselves too short-handed to keep the restaurant open six days a week on the regular, we figured we’d be doing you moms- and ourselves- a disservice if we remained closed this upcoming Sunday. We’ve even gone to the lengths of creating a few Mother’s Day specials, which you can find here:

Hey, thanks, Mom.

In the meantime, we’ll be serving lunch and dinner to the best of our ability with our bare-bones crew (another new staffer fell off the face of the earth today, and all three scheduled interviewees this week failed to arrive to discuss a job here,) and still hosting a wine tasting on Saturday:

Greek to me

We hope you moms and you with moms will join us Sunday, if only because we’re getting in like seven dozen softshell crabs in anticipation of it all. Have a lovely week in the meantime.

Your pal,


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