Hey, thanks, Mom.

Hello, Feastlings.

We’ve been waiting to post this, partly because it’s remained unfinished for far too long, and partly because we’re still in an era where we’re not entirely certain that the ingredients we’ve been promised will be here for us come Sunday will, in fact, be here for us come Sunday.  So take it with a grain of salt, assuming the salt shows up on the truck this week: these are the special dishes we hope we’ll be offering on Mother’s Day, along with a couple of brunch specials in the early half of the day.


Mother’s Day Specials


Pistachio waffles with house-made ricotta cheese, honey and fresh berries.  (Served until 2:00 pm)

Maine lobster eggs Benedict, served on a house-made English muffin, with sautéed spinach and crispy potatoes and onions.  (Served until 2:00 pm)

Tempura fried softshell crab, stuffed with double cream brie and fresh arugula and wrapped in prosciutto ham.  Served with garlic honey and basil oil. (appetizer)

Shrimp-wrapped seafood terrine: Maine lobster, New Bedford sea scallops and redfish, wrapped in red shrimp and served, chilled, over a salad of cucumber, fennel, tarragon, lemon and mussels. Candied horseradish garnish.  

Grilled veal tenderloin with nettle pesto, Lion’s Mane mushrooms and fiddleheads. Fresh dill mashed potatoes and demiglace.

Stracciatella cheese with red Endive, sorrel, sweet and savory fruits, and sunflower seeds. Champagne vinaigrette.

Citrus-soaked Savarin with seasonal fruits and Chantilly cream.

– dishes can be served gluten-free.

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