The notches on your belt

Dear Feastlings,

Perhaps you’ve taken your foot of the gas pedal; the holidays had you eating and drinking and spending and you’re ready to relinquish all that carrying on. Then again, we’ve seen evidence to the contrary. Uncertain times can often mean belt-tightening, but they can also mean treating oneself while one can. If that’s your case, I write to advise you that there’s been a slight shuffling of seats at the two Rogue Theatre benefit dinners we’re hosting, where we replicate, with some poetic license, Babette’s Feast, as a nod, or rather, a deep bow, to their production of it. So there are a few seats still available at either dinner, a seven-course extravaganza that will help raise money for the local theatre company you’ve come to adore. The show opens tomorrow and after the Sunday matinee performance, we’ll be serving the Feast itself, with its wine pairings, this Sunday, the 15th, and next Sunday, the 22nd. You can see the menu and find links to the Rogue’s ticketing site here if you’d like to attend:

Standing room only

If you find yourself in the belt-tightening category, however, we certainly understand, so we’ve also got our regular Saturday afternoon wine tasting in the works, a tasting of irregular wines you may or may not know:

Wines you didn’t drink yesterday

Whatever the case, being good to yourself every now and again is a worthwhile endeavor; one must fill one’s own cup in order to fill another’s as well. We’d love to see you at any of these events, so let us know and we’ll save you a spot at the table.


everyone at Feast

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