I got some thanks in yesterday, and I hope you did too.

Dear Feastlings,

I hope you each and all had a lovely Thanksgiving: quiet if that’s what you’d hoped for, convivial if that’s your preference, food-focused, family-focused, community-oriented- whatever it was you’d wanted. I got a good one myself, quiet and home-bound, with very little interaction with the outside world and a couple of filets of salmon, a bottle of Pinot Noir with some age on it, a nap, some immediate family time, some cat time and only one cranky Yelp review, amended at the last minute to remove the line complaining that these emails make me sound like a lunatic and the other line saying that Feast should close because it can’t deliver. So be it. She won’t be getting today’s email, so there’s that.

Today, so far only two tragedies- one being Thanksgiving meals that went out without mashed potatoes (embarrassing, but the guests were kind and understanding,) and one being Thanksgiving meals that somehow managed to get out the door WITHOUT TURKEY. Humiliating. Truly. I know that in the process of feeding that many people- we had over two hundred people pick up meals on Wednesday, each picking up anywhere from one meal to sixteen- we were bound to make a few mistakes, but I don’t know how quickly I’ll be able to live down putting out six Thanksgiving meals with no turkey, missing it both as we packed it and again as we went over the meal with our guests. Sigh.

But I write to you not to bellyache over all that- our guests were amazingly gracious considering our shortcomings- nor over the Yelp review. I write instead to get an idea of how much food we need to prep for this Sunday’s wine tasting, the first in two and a half years that we’ve been able to have here in person. The theme? Sparkling wine, since picking up vials hasn’t allowed us the luxury of bubbles all this time, and since we’ve laid our hands on four really delicious bottles that merit your attention not only for New Year’s Eve but for your regular enjoyment as well.

I’m forever blowing bubbles.

We need to know how many of you are coming so we make enough food, so the sooner you call us here at (520) 326-9363, the better equipped we’ll be to provide you with the hors d’oeuvres we pair to each wine.

Tomorrow, on the other hand, there are no food pairings, but we do max out at some point, so if you’re interested in that tasting of hearty French reds, I’d urge you to reserve a spot at that tasting as well.

Des Grands Rouges

There’ll be more news soon, about things like a Christmas carryout menu, which, with any luck, we’ll be able to put together without neglecting anyone’s main course, a New Year’s Eve menu, and a reminder about the upcoming dinner with local heroes Nossa Imports,

Trust your importer: Nossa Imports

or one of two Babette’s Feast benefit dinners in conjunction with the Rogue Theatre’s production in January.

Standing room only

Also, as we decompress from producing hundreds of Thanksgiving meals, I’ll once again have time to start grousing again in the emails, sounding to some, evidently, like a lunatic.


A lunatic

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