No fretting required

Dear Feastlings,

I know the plaintive wail of my emails can elicit an odd blend of pity, sympathy and support, and I’m somewhere between wincing at the pity, curling up in the comfort of the sympathy, and lolling in gratitude at the support. But often as not, I write emails to you all the way I’d write in a journal, if I kept one. It’s mostly just catharsis. So any of you who wrote to say you’re worried, there’s no need. I usually find myself in a markedly better mood following an email, as I’ve gotten it all off my chest. And I send my thanks to those of you who’ve connected us with dishwasher, busser and line cook candidates, as well as to those of you who either semi-jokingly or in all earnestness offered to come do a little dishwashing. Please know it’s appreciated, and know that we’ve hired a couple of people of whom we’re already fond.

Today’s email, therefore, isn’t cathartic or emotional, nor is it a laundry list of the hassles we endure every day as a small business like any other during this rocky time. It’s mostly just an update to Sunday’s wine tasting so you can find out what food pairings we’ll be making for you to enjoy alongside the wines if you join us by Zoom,

The wine you didn’t have last night

and a reminder that there’ll be a tasting here at Feast tomorrow as well.

Piedmont, beyond Nebbiolo

We’ll save you samples for either tasting if you give us a call at (520) 326-9363.

That all said, please know we’re grateful for you, whether you make to the tastings or not, and we’re happy to see you for any other reason- stopping into the bottle shop, sitting down and enjoying one last serving of squash blossoms before they disappear from the menu in eight days’ time, or having us cater your next shindig of any size. There’s no need to worry about us; I’m doing enough of that myself and it accomplishes little if anything. But we’ll welcome you when you feel like having a bite or a sip, and we’ll fret a little less.

Your friend with perhaps not the best boundaries,


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