A welcome respite

Dear Feastlings,

As much as it pains me that we still can’t open on Sundays, after last night, I’m delighted to have a day that allows me to sneak into a darkened restaurant, set up a laptop and a portable burner and a little bitty oven, and talk with a couple dozen of you about wine from the back of an empty kitchen.

I’m sure this week you’ll get an email with a debriefing of a night that left me wobbling between exhaustion, gratitude at its conclusion, and abject humiliation. Too many cooks may spoil the broth, but not enough cooks make for an ugly night as well, along with a host of other missteps, foolish assumptions, and the assembly of new team in an old restaurant.

I do need to drive home after the tasting, or I wouldn’t spit a drop of the wines we’ll be tasting today- if I were a smarter guy, I’d have set up the house for it and done the Zoom tasting from home, but a penchant for privacy and an unwillingness to subject the rest of the household to the preparations and the breakdown of it all have me doing it at Feast.

So for those of you who’ll be attending, here again is the tasting,

The wine you didn’t have last night

and here is the link to follow:

Topic: The wine you didn’t have last night
Time: Sep 25, 2022 03:30 PM Arizona

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 816 4232 1054
Passcode: 510486

And Tuesday or Wednesday, when I get next Saturday’s tasting of Mexican wines up on the website, you’re likely to get the full breakdown of last evening, which by some miracle did not cause in me a full breakdown.

See you soon, everyone, though I hope not all at once.



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