By the seat of one’s pants

Hello, Feastlings,

Well, between signing in orders, writing checks, picking up a new motor for the exhaust hood and doing some recreational data entry, I’ve managed to get food pairings mapped out, so we’ll be ready tomorrow morning for pickups if you intend to join us for the Last Sunday tasting this month- an exploration of the winds coming through the Central Coast, Southern France, Sicily and South Africa. The wines are exceptional, across the board, and there are still ample samples if you’d like to log in and taste along.

The Four Winds

Likewise, there’s room in tomorrow’s tasting, which will take place both here at Feast and at the respective homes of a good number of you.

Old friends

Whichever you choose, if you’ve had a week like we’ve had over here, you’re deserving of a glass of something delicious. And if neither tasting holds any appeal, you’ve still got just over a week to assemble a box of six wines at 10% off or twelve wines at 15% off, with the minor exception of bottles that are already discounted.

Your summertime bargains

Mmm. Wine. Wine and food. If that doesn’t take the edge off this week, I can’t guess what would.

See you soon, friends.


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