The day before the day before

Dear Feastlings,

I know a great many of you are planners, far better planners than I am, as evidenced by the reservations made for our Ferragosto celebration this Sunday. Yes, we’re aware that Ferragosto is technically Monday, but we figured that more of you would be able to join us on a Sunday, and the crew here is so used to having Mondays free that it was easier to schedule us all on a Sunday than a Monday. So yes, it’s a day early, and I hope our prescriptivist friends will be willing to cut us a break and enjoy their saltimbocca a day early.


It’s most definitely filling up, for which we’re grateful- thanks, all. Dinner reservations at this point may be hard to come by, but there’s plenty of room in the daytime if you’re feeling so inclined. We’re still customarily shut on Sundays for the time being, so you won’t be able to make your reservation through Resy- you’ll need to give us a buzz at (520) 326-9363- but we’d love to have you.

Besides the specials listed in the link above, there’ll be none of usual built-in corkage on Italian wines, which means you’ll be drinking at retail price rather than restaurant price. But with as many Italian wines on the list as we have, you’ll likely want a little help. We’ll be here to answer questions, of course, but there’s no method like the taste test to figure out what you’ll like. In the spirit of helpfulness, this Saturday at 2:00, we’ll offer up four more Italian wines for you to consider when you return on Sunday.

Ferragosto Eve. Eve.

Give us a call and we’ll set aside some samples for you.

Il vostro buon’amico,


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