Here’s a tiny bit of news to tide you over.

Dear Feastlings,

Quiet as the dining room may be now that the Gem and Mineral Show has pulled up stakes and moved on, I still find myself working at a mad scamper, and still not getting resolved everything I need to resolve. We never had our menu meeting today, for example, and the new menu begins on Tuesday, so you’ll likely see us bring back a little something from menus past, as we try to fill in a new vegetarian appetizer and a couple of desserts yet.

Briskets are here and corning in preparation for St. Patrick’s Day, and crawfish are piling in this weekend for us to make a daunting amount of crawfish etouffee for Mardi Gras. I’m not sure whether Catholicism is your bag, but they bring an awful lot of delicious food to the table, and I’m grateful for that- I do like a culture that values its feasts.

Meanwhile, I’ve gotten this weekend’s wine tastings posted, Saturday’s here

The Soloist

and Sunday’s here,

Three Saints

and we’ve bumped back our donation run a week, partly to raise a few more dollars to cover it, and partly to wait for our vacuum-seal bags to shop us from the Marvelous Land of Backorder.


In a couple more days, I’ll have the menu posted for our dinner with importer and cultural genius Mary Taylor, plus the March menu, which begins on Tuesday. And there’ll be more, undoubtedly, but I didn’t want to leave you all hanging. I arrived today with every intention of resolving the lion’s share of my to-do list, but spent a bit of my day dealing with the company that showed up, whisked our 40-quart mixer away, and without my go-ahead, did over nine hundred dollars’ worth of work to it, only to write on the invoice that it still doesn’t work and the cost of making it work would exceed the value of the machine. Let’s just say we’re in negotiations and leave it at that.

Long-winded as this note may be, it’s got nothing on some of my other emails, and that’s because, as you can see, I still have much to accomplish. So thanks for your patience, thanks for attending the wine tastings if you so choose, and thanks for making a reservation for the first of the seventeenth so I don’t find myself explaining to you why walking in on Mardi Gras or Saint Patrick’s Day will likely find you taking out dinner, at best, or me responding with no small amount of snark to your angry Yelp or Trip Advisor review at worst.

Now. Let’s get going on those desserts for the new menu.

Your overwhelmed friend,


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