The immediate, and the less immediate, future

Hello, Feastlings.

You may well be tempted to soak up the sun today- it’s one of those days that reminds you why you live, or at least hang out, in Tucson. If you’re willing, however, to spend part of the day indoors, or maybe on your own porch with a laptop and a glass, it’s a good day to taste wine with us as well- today’s tasting begins at 2 pm, and it’s all varietals you likely didn’t have yesterday: Arneis, Scheurebe, Malbo Gentile, Lambrusco, Marzemino, and Pinotage.

So the sun will be out tomorrow as well, warm but not hot in a cloudless sky, and if you’re feeling exploratory, it’s not too late to join us, at home or in person, for today’s tasting.

Not noble, but regal nonetheless…

If you’re joining us from without, here’s your login information:

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Topic: Not noble, but regal nonetheless
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Meanwhile, there’s little else to report except for our drumming up donations for the next donation run, back to Banner again to feed the people we missed on our last run,


and there’ll be more soon about the dinner with Superstar Importer of Exceptional Yet Affordable Wines, Mary Taylor. I’ll get that menu posted in a couple of days’ time.

In the meanwhile, thank you for all of it- dining here, shopping here, sending meals to people and just plain being an important part of our little Feast community. We’re grateful to you for it.

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