Oh yeah, I owe you an email.

Dear Feastlings,
Whatever it is I’ve bitten off, it’s plain to see that I have yet to chew it. I’d imagine a respite from the email onslaught is welcomed by a hefty portion of the email readership, though, and I still have yet to respond to any of the replies I got regarding in-person wine tastings, or even read a lot of them. The past few days have been dedicated to putting together what appears to have been a successful Primavera Cooks dinner to help raise a little scratch for the Primavera Foundation, and today will be devoted to a rack-and-stack of wine rep appointments and probably continuing to bicker by email with the most tenacious and slippery grease lawyer I can think of.

But those of you who’ve sent emails about the tastings, please know your votes will be tallied and all concerns considered. I must say, having sixty people in the restaurant last night for the fundraiser, however unsettling it may have felt, and even despite it being still only half capacity, gave us all a little frisson of excitement. A restaurant. With people in it. And best of all, people who were there to help others. We couldn’t beat it with a stick, nor would we try.

In the meanwhile, today’s email is more than anything a reminder that you can participate in what remains this week a virtual wine tasting. Four wines all coming from their varietal’s native home will be poured and ready for you to pick up today and thereafter.

Back to your roots

There’s food to be had here, as ever,


and drink,


and ample quantities of love and gratitude. Plus you don’t have to do the dishes afterwards. We’ve got people doing that.

Have a really lovely day.

Your friends at Feast

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