The solution to that drizzle

Dear Feastlings,

It’s no secret to me. I’ve been watching the number of attendees ebb for weeks. Months, really. In the thick of the pandemic, assuming we’re not still in the thick of the pandemic, we’d have over 100 people dropping on our Zoom tastings, and while I know half of you are out of town, either back at your primary residence until the weather becomes insupportable enough to make your way back to Tucson, or simply taking the trip that you’d been aching to take for the past eighteen months, now we have less than half that number showing up.

Today is no different. Whereas we used to cap our tastings based up around 100 so we’d have enough food and wine for them, now we stop the signups at the point that keeps us from unnecessarily pulling the cork on a new bottle, only to pour a couple of tastes.

While it makes us acutely more grateful for you diehard wine tasters, it also sends us what we think is your message: you’re pretty well up to here with Zoom, and you’d like spend your weekend have real experiences rather than virtual ones. With this in mind, we’re asking for your feedback, those of you with interest in wine tasting: are you ready for a return to in-person tastings? And how spaced apart do you need to be to feel comfortable at one? Please do let us know what you think. We have two tastings still available to swing by and pick up between now and 3:30, when today’s tasting starts, and we’d be happy to send you off with wine and snacks today. The tasting, for that last two of you considering joining us, is this one,

The remains of the day

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We’re hoping that the drizzly weather today makes it all the more enticing, and if that doesn’t sweeten the deal, we made a big batch of housemade English muffins a la yesteryear, when we still had enough people coming in to merit preparing a whole brunch menu, and we’ll have two brunchy specials today- your old friend, lobster Eggs Benedict, and that casual acquaintance that charmed you from across the room, the blue corn waffle. There’s plenty of room and we’d love to see you, so pick up the phone and call us at 326-9363 to grab those last two tastings and get some brunch in your belly to you keep your wits about you during the tasting. See you soon.

Your pal,


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