How much time is there in a day?

Dear Feastlings,
I know what I’ve looked like to all of you over these past 19 months, or at least I speculate. For the first few months, a terrified little animal, concerned for its survival and that of its family. Then perhaps a self-absorbed sort, caught up in feeling victimized by circumstance, and trying to temper resentment and fear by doing kindnesses to people even more screwed over by fortune than we were. Now, you’ll notice, my emails come fewer and farther between, because even though the restaurant still has yet to get busy for other than that hour and a half on Friday and Saturday nights, I’m up to my eyeballs over here.

I’m still doing battle with a grease baron, and the health inspectors came today to train each other in their new system that’s more suffused with paperwork and hoop-jumping than I’ve ever seen in 39-plus years of doing this. We’re still looking at supply line issues daily, be it produce, seafood, paper goods, or even the paper the menu is printed on. I’m hoping we have paper in time for the new menu that begins on Tuesday. There’s the chasing down of presenters for the virtual wine tastings with an ever-dwindling attendance, and there’s still the read-and-reply I have yet to do with your concerns and suggestions regarding the wine tastings, and all of that’s been on hold, as has getting back in touch with the people at Youth on Their Own and Child and Family Resources for events we’re doing with them, because three of the past five days have been filled with Primavera Preparations.

So if you’ve written and not heard back, you will, eventually, hear back. Truly. For now, though, we’re just trying to chew all we’ve bitten off, so we thank you for your patience. As for me, I’m hoping that an educational wine tasting will soften some of the rough edges for those of us who are experiencing them, and so I encourage you, rough edges or not, to swing by and grab some samples for this thing:

Back to your roots

and then head home, at least until we’ve sorted through your comments and concerns about in -person tastings, and log in thusly:

Doug Levy is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Back to your roots
Time: Oct 2, 2021 02:00 PM Arizona

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 825 1036 4516
Passcode: 459418

And come Tuesday, there’ll be a new day, a new menu, with any luck printed on new paper, and we’ll all shake off the past week and break bread with someone we’re fond of.

Your friend who’ll soon enough have time to be a better penpal,


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