The cutthroat world of grease collection

Dear Feastlings,
I’ve scarcely written these past few days because I’ve been stuck in a brutal series of emails, letters and threats from a grease collection company. I’ve met lawyers who give the profession a bad name before, but this one gives me a distaste so profound that I KNOW no other lawyer could be this evil. I’d mention him and his company by name, but he’d undoubtedly attempt to sue me over it, so I’ll leave it at this: I wholeheartedly recommend Grecycle, and not one of its very significant multi-state competitors if you ever need used cooking oil picked up.

That someone would be so hostile to people in a beleaguered industry is ugly enough; that they’d steal a competitor’s container and threaten me for taking a photo of their employee skulking around taking photos of the grease containers- you know, just to check on them and make sure everything was fine for Feast- repels me. Who knew that grease collection was such a predatory industry? Not I.

Anyhow, oily as this lawyer may be, I’ll reserve judgement on the rest of the profession- I know a number of you personally, and I’ve found you to be delightful guests here. I may need to engage your services, though, and I’m in no shape to afford it given the past eighteen months, so if anyone’s itching for a pro bono quarrel with a real bastard, boy, have I got an idea for you.

As much as I’ve greased the skids to go down the self-pity path, though, I’m going to take a sharp turn here and tell you this: I’m excited about next week’s Primavera Cooks dinner,

despite the fact that I’m distracted by a hateful person and I’ve yet again bitten off more than I can chew. As luck would have it, it appears that the good people at Youth on Their Own are in the same boat with a little reshuffling of staff, so our meal donation run, while it will definitely still happen, won’t happen as soon as I hoped it would.. Still, it’s in the works, and here’s a little bit about them to tide you over until it does:


So I can put that on the back burner while I move the Primavera Foundation to the front one, and there are two wine tastings this weekend besides, so that should be fun. Saturday’s, now that one can actually set foot on a patio without bursting into flames, will be an assortment of patio wines,

It’s safe to go outside

and Sunday’s, which will come with food pairings, will be a decidedly limited selection of wines we loved so much we bought every last bottle in Arizona.

The remains of the day

More soon about all of this, but this day has gotten fairly out of control, so I’ll send this before I get distracted by the dinner hour, which incidentally appears fairly quiet tonight, so if you think it’s too late to decide to join us? It’s not, and we’d love to see you. Truly.



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