Keep it simple, stupid.

Dear Feastlings,
Sometimes I fear the number of responses I get to an email is directly proportional to the length of the email, and by now you’re well aware how long those can be. So in the interest of keeping my already full plate empty of email replies, here’s a quick note just to remind you to tuck some things into the back of your head.

Chronologically, the first one is tomorrow’s donation run, the first of two, to the Sister Jose Women’s Center, for which we’re happy to accept donations:

Our friends at Sister José Women’s Center

Next would be the Saturday wine tasting, for which we’re happy to accept orders:

Southern Italian Wines

And, while there’ll be other things in between, I should also remind you about the next event we actually have posted, which would be Ferragosto, on Sunday, August 15th, for which we’re happy to take your reservation:

Ferragosto menu

To sum up, there are at least three ways to make us become suddenly slightly happier, and we welcome your participation. Have the very best possible day.

Your friend,


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