The great indoors

Dear Feastlings,

This weekend, you’ll have two opportunities to join us a the very minimum. And you’ll be neither rained out nor burned out. It won’t matter what the temperature is. It won’t matter how hot it is. It won’t matter if the wind is blowing fiercely. You’ll be happily and safely ensconced in your home, or at your buddy’s house, or wherever it is from where you choose to join us. There are two Zoom wine tastings this weekend, one on Saturday that’s a taste of some of the wine crew’s faves with a wink and a nod,

Take (y)our pick.

And another on Sunday that’s a smattering of Pinots, be they Noirs, Meuniers or Grises.

The many moods of Pinot

As it happens, you can join us during what remains of the week as well, either here in the restaurant, or, again, wherever chance finds you. You can pick up a little something, stop in for a little something- you can dine,



Or even cater an affair of two or twenty or fifty people.

Catering Menu

And do it with aplomb, or with opulence, or both if you’d like, and we’re happy to help you celebrate whatever cause you have in your daily life to celebrate. Birthday? We’re here (or there.) Anniversary? Happy to help? Promotion, renewed comfort in seeing people again for the first time in over a year- we’re happy to have you here at Feast or to bring a little piece of Feast to you.

We’re also still doing our level best to serve the community, going this week to the Primavera Men’s Shelter, and soon thereafter to the Sister Jose Women’s Center,

Home is where the rolling suitcase is.

and soon thereafter to Youth on Their Own and others who, like us here at Feast, will be grateful for your help.

Stay tuned, stay well, and come say hello when you’d like to.

Your friends at Feast

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