Home is where the rolling suitcase is.

Hello, Feastlings.

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve kept ourselves open and employed by taking your generous donations, applying them to food we send to various people, adding some donations of our own, and moving on to the next donation run.  We’ve fed front line hospital workers, first responders, people at hospitals, clinics, and behavioral health facilities, be they patients, caregivers or other support staff like custodians and plumbers.  We’ve fed vaccine volunteers and animal shelter employees and volunteers, and people living on fixed incomes.

But the people we keep coming back to now are the people experiencing homelessness.  Now more than ever, people are teetering at the brink of it- it’s been essentially a year and a half of taking a tremendous financial beating for a huge swath of society, and people who never thought they’d find themselves in a predicament as extreme as homelessness suddenly find themselves living in a car, or under a bridge, or if they’re lucky, in a shelter.

This month we’ll be headed back to both the Primavera Men’s Shelter and the Sister José Women’s Center, and we’ll be following up those meal donations with more to Youth on Their Own, when school starts up again, and to Casa Alitas, where migrants in transit can stop for a bit of respite.

You can donate by calling us at 326-9363 with a credit card, or mailing or dropping off a check to Feast with “food donations” in the memo line.  Our address is 3719 E. Speedway, Tucson, AZ 85716.

Feast is still getting back on its feet, and we’re delighted to do so in part by helping others get back on their feet as well.  Thank you for your help.

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