Penitence, Mother’s Day, and pizza. Or whatever.

Dear Feastlings,
For those of you who attended the wine tasting last Sunday, I have a spot of good news. The tragic story of the third wine? The one that became the fourth wine? The one I frantically attempted to describe having only read the notes as I tasted the wine? When we finished the tasting and I hosed the humiliation off, I opened my email box to discover a note of abject remorse from Ryan Zepaltas, the winemaker who’d forgotten to show up and talk about the 2013 Copain Hawks Butte Syrah. He was even more embarrassed than I was, which I can assure you was no small task, and in his penitence, he recorded the discussion of the wine we missed. He also authorized enough samples that I’m offering tastes to all of you who participated (sorry, everyone else. There’s no free lunch.) So you can call or even just come by and grab a sample, compliments of Ryan and Copain, and taste along as you watch his video discussion. Here’s the link, and you can call us at 326-9363 and we’ll set your tiny tasting bottle aside.

The most delicious hairshirt

So you can do that at your convenience, and as for me, I’m hoping your convenience is when you swing by to pick up your samples for this Saturday’s tasting, a handful of wines meant for Mother’s Day:

Wines that Mom would love- as much as she loves you.

There’s also food for Mother’s Day, for which you have a few more days to make your decisions and place your orders:

Mom’s specials for the special mom(s) in your life

And if you have yet to make dinner plans (this email was originally going to go out at about noontime, but chaos, as is usually the case, has prevailed today,) there’s a pizza loaded with cauliflower and kale, bacon, fried garlic and mustard oil. And much, much more. The menu, in its entirety, is here:

So there you have it. Now I’m off to turn my firehose on whatever other fire there is to attend to, so I thank you for what attention you’ve given, and whatever you intend to offer in the future, and really just for being you.



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