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Hi, Feastlings.

If you attended the Last Sunday wine tasting last Sunday, you had the uncomfortable pleasure of watching me first explain the absence of the third wine’s presenter, then shuffle the order of the presenters in hopes of a miscommunication over the time, then a Hail Mary pass, where I got Megan to print up a tech sheet for the wine (one with no real usable information on it) and I frantically tried to hunt down a map of the Yorkville Highlands appellation, did what I could with no real knowledge of how the wine is produced, and hoped it would be adequate.  It wasn’t.  But when I recovered from my humiliation, there was a penitent note in my inbox from Ryan Zepaltas, the winemaker for Copain, and he’s going above and beyond the call to make things right. He’s recorded a video discussion of the wine, and he sent me some tiny little bottles to fill with more of the 2013 Hawks Butte Syrah, and if you attended the Last Sunday tasting, you can come by and grab your sample, and click on this link, and you’ll get a chance to retaste the wine and learn a little bit about it from the remorseful winemaker himself.  Give us a buzz and we’ll set aside a sample for you (but only if you attended the Last Sunday tasting- he only sent us enough to cover the original attendees.  Though you’re welcome to buy a bottle- or even a magnum- and tune in at your convenience.)

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