Over 7,000 served

Dear Feastlings,
While it’s difficult to get that constant, low-grade buzz out of the back of my head- the one created by fretting over getting the May menu written, the logistical stuff I have to get done for this weekend’s wine tastings (more about those tomorrow,) the fretting that comes with less in the coffers than payday will take out, and the weary feeling that comes with 13 months of living this way- even if I can’t turn the buzz off, I do have the ability to cover it over.
I won’t lie: some days, we, as I’m sure you do on occasion, kick off the day by drawing the shades and hoping not to have to do anything at all. Some days, however, we put our best foot forward and hope it draws us out of the Pandemic Torpor by which we’re all occasionally dragged down. In the interest of staying motivated, today, I brought meals for the entire staff at the Banner Crisis Response Center, and would like to thank Jonathan Resille for helping organize this surprise treat for the crew down there, and Heather Garcia for facilitating my new acquaintance with Jon. Thanks to all of you, and with our own elbow grease and commitment to donating twenty percent of the meals you donate, we’ve topped seven thousand meals now, which puts a goal of ten thousand meals within reach. We’ll keep you posted about that as well.
But for today, the food has gone to the crew at a VERY busy Crisis Response Center, and I’ll tell you that without question, your donations are appreciated, both by their staff and by ours, as we’re still employed in large part thanks to you.
So stay tuned for emails about the upcoming tastings, about our intention to reopen the dining room if we can possibly find enough staff, about the May menu, and Mother’s Day specials, and where we’re headed next in our attempt to donate ten thousand meals. In the meanwhile, here’s a simple link to the menu


and to our beverage selection,


along with a hefty dose of gratitude for giving us a reason to get out of bed each day, even when the buzz seems intolerable.

Thanks, all of you.


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